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Here’s a collection of songs we’ve recorded throughout the years. ”Charlotte” is taken from the second demo and along with ”Too fast”, actually got some airplay at NRK Petre once. ”Too fast” can be found on the ”MRCD01” A sampler presenting upandcoming bands from Møre og Romsdal county. The 3’rd demo was recorded at Sunndal Rockeklubb 2003. Tracks: ”The map”, ”Safer now”, ”To a certain zero”, ”Trigger came” + ”Nelly” In 2003 we started recording songs for what was planned to be the debut album in Godt Selskap studio. We recorded 15 songs live in studio and after months of endless tweaking we couldn’t see an end to it all and decided to put the project on ice. ”More free”, ”Attic”, ”Threesome”, ”Mystery maggots” + ”Thomas Williams” are all from that session. In 2004 we set up our own portable studio that resulted in the ”Fall out EP”. The songs "Fall out" + "Safer now (EP vers)" are two of the songs on the EP.